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Games on Facebook are big business. They are naturally viral by nature and often the competitive nature of players draws them in as they try to beat their friends scores.

The ad revenue that can be made from flash games on Facebook is massive, that’s why so many big players are in the business.

But wouldn’t it be great if the average Joe could grab a slice of that action?

Well now you can!
Facebook has 600 MILLION active users (as of January 2011) and an application database of over 550,000 applications (as of May 2010). Many of those are Flash Games but until now it took a programmer and a design team to put something together to get a slice of the pie. We create it for you with everything you need to get started making money TODAY!

Features to expect

  • Have their own leader board to promote competition among users.
  • Enable users to post their scores to their Facebook Wall bringing a viral angle to the game.
  • Can be further monetized with totally configurable top and bottom banners
  • Have the usual viral features you need in a Facebook Game like Wall Posts and Invite System.




With 32,000+ Flash games to choose from this is a great opportunity for anyone to make some money..

This is a SPECIAL OFFER i have not offered anywhere else..

A web hosting account with a host that uses Unix/Linux based hosting with PHP version 5 or better. This is most hosting companies these days but if you want some recommendations then here are a few that either myself or my clients have used.

  • hostgator
  • godaddy
  • namecheap
  • rapidvps

2. A domain name. This does not have to dedicated to your Facebook applications/games, you can use an existing domain and just put your apps in a subfolder. The domain you use will never be seen by those playing the games as they are served up through Facebook.

I personally get all my domains from namecheap.com (search the forums here under domains and there are plenty of discounts available) as well as godaddy
Common Q & A

How can I become a developer in facebook: make an account below

Can I advertise it? sure can see below link

To be able to become a developer at the top link you will have to verify your facebook account by adding a credit card, mobile phone etc. here is details on that below.

What will be available in the near future for apps?
In the near future I will have all the same applications I had before. but updated to run from the latest facebook 3.0 api and use auth 2.0 for authentication. while running from iframes. Mafia Facebook App, Medieval Facebook App, Army Facebook App, Stock Market Facebook App, Gangster Facebook App, Pimp Facebook App and more..

What is available from this sale?
Currently offering flash games from mochi that you can generate income from ads in the games and from banners in the app. This has a leaderboard for competition as well as about 12,000 leaderboard games to choose from. but can use any of the over 32,000 total that mochi has available. App also includes post to wall, and invite friends as well.

Im new in fb, will these apps be best to handle like no maintenance etc
Yes there is absolutely no maintenance to them once they are installed.


If any coding breaks will you be able to fix…
Yes we will update it without any problem


Can i choose any flash game online to be installed..
Yes you can however we recommend Mochi Flash games (leaderboard type) but can use any


Will you help me for installation..
Yes for 10.00 we can install it for you (and for 10.00/mo. we can host it for you as well)


Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to click the contact button at the top of the page or contact me on the many forms available on the front of this site
We are a 1 stop shop and value support and our customers 110%

You need to have a Publisher account at http://www.mochimedia.com (free to sign up for)
You search for flash games you like under the games tab.


You earn money from these games being placed into a application setting in facebook from:

  • top banner ads in the app
  • bottom banner ads in the app
  • ads in the beginning of the flash game as provided by mochimedia.com
  • coin sales in the games that support them

App features

  • wall post
  • invite friends
  • leader board (top score) posting


Things I need to setup the application are

  • Mochimedia
  • Link to game page in mochimedia.com that you want setup in the app
  • mochimedia publisher id number (located on dashboard / settings page)
  • Facebook
  • app id
  • app secret
  • api Key
  • Game name
  • Canvas page (ex: http://apps.facebook.com/yourappname/ )
  • Canvas URL (ex: http://yoursite.com/folderSAVEDin/ )

Top and Bottom ads in the app?
if you have an ad code for top area i can insert that for you
if you have a ad code for the bottom area i can insert that for you

If the top and bottom ad codes are not available that is fine no worry.
There is a /ads folder in the bundle that will be sent to you with files named top and bottom that you can easily place your ad codes into.


Each game app build is $15.00
Bulk discounts on ordering more than 5 games at a time.


Bulk Pricing as follows
1-5: $15.00 each
6-10: $14.00 each
11-20: $12.00 each
21-50: $10.00 each
51-100: $8.00 each
101-250: $6.00 each
251-1000: $5.00 each
1001+: $4.00 each
How many can I purchase?
We have some clients that have ordered  as little as 1 app and some as many as 1200 games to be setup.


Time to complete the build?
Most times smaller packages and bundles can be built the same day and set to you for install.
Larger packages require a few days to complete and quoted accordingly.


Can we install them for you ? Yes!
We can also install the apps for you in facebook if you like for 10.00 per app
discounted on bulk orders over 5 games at a time.


Bulk Pricing as follows

1-5: $10.00 each
6-10: $9.00 each
11-20: $8.00 each
21-50: $7.00 each
51-100: $6.00 each
101-250: $5.00 each
251-1000: $4.00 each
1001+: $3.00 each


Reasons for purchasing flash game apps:
Flash games are extremely addicting, and people dive right into them.  They end up trying to beat their friends for the top score making it extremely addicting.
The viral aspects of these types of games are nice in that if the game appeals to someone they will share it with others.  Of those people they then share it if they like it and so on creating a viral effect of traffic, and the more traffic and people playing means more $$ money $$ in your bank.


What to do after its all setup?
Once the app is installed with your ad codes, and publisher id inserted to the application it pretty much operates on its own.
Feel free to market it in any way you would like, like a normal site, or app.  Share it to your wall, invite friends and start the viral process.

With over 32,000 games available to choose from if 1 game type does not work out for you there is literally 10s of 1000s to choose from


Interested in purchasing your Facebook Flash Game Application today?
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Need Install service for the applications?
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Mochi Media

Mochi Media enables Flash game developers
to monetize, distribute and track their games across the Internet, and enables advertisers to engage with gamers around the world. Mochi Media’s network powers over 14,000 games on over 30,000 websites reaching an audience of 100 million gamers.

Time to Promote your site

Looking to gain more traffic for your site?
Social networks are all the rave now-a-days.  Facebook and Twitter have a great deal of traffic that if you are not tapping into it yet you should be.  Even if you generate a Facebook tab on your profile for your site or referral link, or even making silly little comments on twitter regarding a product or site your referring or promoting.  These are 2 things you should be doing for sure.

Looking to promote your referral link?

Referral links are harder to pass to someone as they see the ref= or refer= or even affiliate= and id=9 out of 10 times someone will not use the referral link.
“INSTEAD” setup a sub domain on your site, and have it point to the referral link.

Example: when going to http://subdomain.yoursite.com it redirects to the desired referral link http://yoursite.com/signup.php?ref=some_body

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I hope this was informative and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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